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Set in 1964, Chris Bojahlian’s newest novel, The Lioness tells the story of A-list actress Katie Barstow and her entourage as they travel to the Serengeti after her recent marriage to David Hill. Katie generously pays the way for several of their friends, her brother and his wife, her agent, and publicist following her wedding. The group envisions a civilized adventure – spending their days taking photos of giraffes and zebras and elephants, and their evenings drinking gin and tonics with fresh ice from a kerosene-powered ice maker, while their Tanzanian guides warm water for their baths.

What they do not expect is what ensues – a violent kidnapping gone wrong, their guides murdered, and a team of Russian mercenaries holding guns to their heads and spitting the group up among several Land Rovers.

What follows is a mystery of sorts, an action adventure film spooling out on the page, as Bohjalian runs us through the possible scenarios for who is responsible and why this group of Hollywood lions is being held in huts across the Serengeti.

Recently, I’ve found myself on the road quite a bit so I listened to The Lioness on audiobook. It was a compelling listen. I enjoyed the three narrators – one a Hollywood reporter covering the trip. The exotic setting, retro Hollywood era, and the pacing made my road trip fly by.

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