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In A HUNDRED LIVES SINCE THEN, award-winning Star Tribune columnist Gail Rosenblum has gathered a collection of her wise and witty observations on motherhood, marriage, mortality, and more.

In her essay “Jealous of the GPS”, she reminds us that there are two types of people who cannot take car trips together – a man and a woman who happen to be married to each other. After a day or two of thinly veiled disgust, (he’s so anal, she’s so lazy) they come to appreciate their differences – who knew that getting lost could lead to discovering new friends or a heart-stopping view, or how planning ahead could ensure that a hotel room awaits them at the end of a long day.

In “Summer Sounds” while annoyed by the garbage trucks rolling down her street at 5:30 am like military tanks, she initially leans toward the city’s noise ordinance. But one morning, she recognizes that the sounds of summer are fleeting in Minnesota. Not a native Minnesotan, she has come to love “the way you throw on shorts and flip-flops when the temperature climbs to 50 in April … the way you cause nightmarish traffic jams at garden stores in May … the milk-carton boat races, over-the-top fireworks on July 4th and free outdoor concerts.” She is a convert; too soon, we’ll be forced inside behind our closed doors.

Rosenblum’s collection of essays is a delightful way to end a day – with each essay encompassing a mere 2-3 pages, it’s the perfect nightcap to end a long day.

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